Books of the month

Members can purchase the books listed below this month by sending an email to Pictures of the books can be found in the "Mededelingen Sophia" WhatsApp group chat.

Books of February 2024:

  • Schmidt, A.M.G.; Dam, H.J. van (tr.). Jippus et Jannica. Querido Amsterdam/Antwerp, 2000. Latin. Hardcover, good condition, €2.
  • Halm, C. (ed.) P. Cornelii Taciti libri qui supersunt: I. Annales Bibliotheca Teubneriana. Leipzig 1926, Latin, reasonably good condition, contains pencil notes, €1.50.
  • Hondius, J.J.E. & Schuursma, J.A. (edd.) Herodotus Historiën. J.B. Wolters. Groningen, 1958. Greek/Dutch. Reasonable condition, contains pencil notes, €1.50.
  • Graves, R. I, Claudius. Penguin Books. Harmondsworth, 1934. English. Paperback, novel, reasonable condition, €1.
  • Sauvage, M. & Brommer, P. (tr.) Sokrates. Het Spectrum. Utrecht/Antwerp, 1959. Dutch. Paperback, Cultural-historical/selected works, good condition, €1.