Travel Regulations

This page shows Sophia Aeterna’s Travel Regulations. When you join a trip, you should behave according to these Travel Regulations. Changes can be made by the General Assembly. These regulations are last updated on March 20, 2023. These Travel Regulations are a translation of the Dutch version. Only the Dutch version is legally valid. If there are any discrepancies between the Dutch and English version, the Dutch version will be followed.

Article 1 - General

  1. Trips include trips, excursions, weekend trips, camping trips and the like.
  2. The participant behaves properly and adopts a social attitude towards travel guides, tour guides, museum staff, hotel employees, fellow travelers, etc.
  3. Signing for membership means acceptance of the terms and conditions of travel as stated in these regulations, applicable to any trip mentioned under paragraph 1; non-members must sign the travel conditions above separately for each trip.

Article 2 – Registration

  1. Both members and non-members (albeit with approval of the board) can register for trips, with priority given to members.
  2. Registration for a trip takes place in writing in the period determined by the Travel Committee.
  3. Upon registration, you give permission to share the data requested by the university with the university. If the university subsidizes the trip, it is required to share the first and last name of the travelers as well as the telephone numbers of the board members and three telephone numbers of committee members or board members who can be reached during the trip.
  4. Personal data provided upon registration will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and deleted after the trip.
  5. Participants are not obliged to state any medical conditions, allergies and/or medication when registering. They are, however, offered the opportunity to make such information known to the Travel Committee.
  6. Registration for a trip is valid when all requested information (including a copy of the passport if requested) and any down payment has been received. Registration is final when a personal confirmation of participation has been obtained.
  7. Participants must join the program specified by the study association. The program of a trip is only optional if the Travel Committee has specifically indicated this.
  8. If the participant has a valid reason to deviate from the program, he will discuss this with the Travel Committee timely.
  9. Participants who repeatedly fail to comply with Article 1 paragraph 2 of the travel conditions will be placed at the bottom of the sign-up list for future registrations.

Article 3 – Finances

  1. Participants may be required to make a down payment upon registration.
  2. After placement, the travel sum should be transferred to Sophia Aeterna's account either in one go or in several (to be determined) installments.
  3. If you cancel your registration after the registration period, any down payment will not be refunded, unless there are urgent reasons for cancellation and the Travel Committee agrees to this.
  4. If you cancel your registration after the predetermined period of notice (determined separately for each trip), the full travel sum must be paid. This also applies in the case of a valid reason.
  5. Transfers of down payment and travel sum must be accompanied by a clear statement of the name of the entrant and the journey of enrolment.
  6. The travel sum includes a margin of 10% of the actual estimated costs. If there is an amount of money left after the trip, the amount will be refunded to the account of the participant.
  7. Sophia Aeterna has the right to charge the participant a surcharge of 10% on the standard travel sum in the event of extra unforeseen costs.
  8. Agreements for payment in installments of the travel sum can be made in consultation with the Quaestor of Sophia Aeterna.

Article 4 – Liability

  1. If a participant is in possession of a valid passport and student card, they will bring this along. Costs as a result of not being able to show a passport or a student card are your own responsibility.
  2. Sophia Aeterna excludes any liability for damage suffered or caused by a participant. Parents/guardians of members under the age of eighteen are requested to provide a written statement that the minor participates in the trip under their responsibility.
  3. Participants take out their own travel and health insurance.
  4. A participant is responsible for taking out cancellation insurance, but is not obliged to do so.

Article 5 - Remaining

  1. Wherever the masculine form is used in these regulations, the feminine or gender-neutral form may also be read.
  2. 'Travel committee' can also be understood as another organizing body, such as the board or another committee.