Committees organize events and maintain ongoing projects, such as the website and the training magazine. Committees support the board and are necessary to keep our growing association running. There are many different committees at Sophia Aeterna, so there is something for everyone! If you would like to know more about the committees or would like to volunteer for a committee, please contact Amy, the assessor.

The acquisition committee works at broadening our network and tries to conclude agreements with companies and organisations that can enrich our student association. The acquisition committee also takes care of merchandise for our members.

In this committee members of Sophia Aeterna work hard to present an annual yearbook with an overview of all events that have taken place over the year. The yearbook usually includes reports of events, photos and interviews with our committees. There will even be a special lustrum-edition this year!

The archive committee has been assigned to the noble task of keeping Sophia's archives in order. This committee will delve into the depths of the archives to try and organize some long overdue work. Old folders with receipts, hard drives with pictures from Sophia's younger years and musty cabinets: the archive committee will know how to work it out!

This committee organises the year-end barbecue, a fun conclusion to the academic year with students and lecturers!

Sophia Aeterna regularly organises book auctions and book fairs, where interesting and relevant books are sold to members at a bargain price. As our student association grows, so does our stock of books. This committee helps the board with the work this entails. This includes updating our inventory, selecting books for auctions and fairs and drawing up an auction catalogue.

The December committee organises two different events in December: the open mic night and the Christmas party. Every year students and lecturers bring an surprising amount of hidden talent to the open mic night. All the committee has to do is provide the programme and make sure we'll have a full house! Besides this, the committee also organises the Christmas party, so we can celebrate the end of the year together.

Family day
It is this committee's task to organise a fun and succesful family day once every two years. On this day parents, siblings, grandparents and other family members can come and learn more about Classics and Sophia Aeterna. The family day committee makes sure a fun day is promoted and organised.

This committee takes care of organising no less than three fun events: a classy gala in February, an epic pub crawl in April and a spectacular wrap party in June.

Frons is the magazine of the Classics department in Leiden. It is filled with articles about Classics, reviews, columns and reports of activities and (study)trips within the Classics department and Sophia Aeterna. Join the editors of Frons if you would like to help make the magazine and contribute an article of your own once in a while!

Financial check
The finances of our student association need to be checked twice a year. This happens once prior to the general assembly of members in February and once prior to the general assembly in September. That's the work this committee carries out.

For the development of Sophia's own song, the association has erected a special committee. The committee is still veru busy composing en jamming. May the Muse inspire them!

This committee is only active every five years. This year our student association will celebrate its second lustrum. It's the lustrum committee's task to organise all kinds of activities in preparation of the Dies on March 21 and to make this lustrum one to remember! 

Annual trip
Every year, Sophia Aeterna organises a studytrip to a destination with a certain connection to Classics. This is the opportunity for our members to actually see the things they hear and read about during their studies. Among other destinations, members have gone to Berlin, Vienna, Florence, Munich and Split. This committee does their best to organise these educational and fun trips for our members.

This committee has the task of organising the Symposium for Young Classicists, which is held every two years. The last symposium was in November 2021 and was a great succes!

Once every two years, the theatre committee chooses a Greek or Latin comedy or tragedy to translate and perform in front of an audience, which always turns out to be a big success! If you're interested in the rich theatre history of Sophia Aeterna, click on the following this link.

The website committee takes care of this website and makes sure that it is always up to date. Making sure that photo's can be viewed by members on the website and updating the online archives of the Frons is also part of the committee's work.

What Our Classics Evoke (WOCE)
What Our Classics Evoke, WOCE in short, is a committee that organizes lectures with guest speakers from a variety of disciplines. These lectures deal with relevant, pressing matters that have a connection to antiquity.