Interested in becoming a member?

Being a member of Sophia Aeterna has many benefits. You get discounts on study books and our activities offer a great opportunity to get to know your lecturers and fellow students. Don’t hesitate to join us at bigger events, like study trips or our annual weekend for first year students! As a member of Sophia Aeterna you’ll get a discount on all activities.
A small student association like Sophia Aeterna will also give you the opportunity to gain some experience in organising activities by joining a committee. Please do take note of the fact that our activities are mainly in Dutch. This is because Sophia Aeterna does not have many international students. Please don't let this hold you back in becoming a member though! International students are always welcome and Sophia Aeterna will always do its best to make you feel at home within our student association. If you have any questions about joining us as an international student, don't hesitate to contact us!

How to become a member

You can choose to become a member of Sophia Aeterna at any moment you like. Apart from paying a yearly contribution, there are no obligations attached to the membership. To become a member, just send an e-mail to When your registration is approved, you’ll need to pay the annual contribution of €15. Please remit the amount in name of Sophia Aeterna on the following account: NL41INGB0005297228.


Only (former) Classics students, (former) lecturers of the Classics department or other departments linked to Classics, of Leiden University or any other (university) institution can become a member of Sophia Aeterna.