The Frons has been the magazine of the Classics department in Leiden since 1980. Students and lecturers who wish to share their opinion on or interest in a certain subject can make a contribution. In this way, the Frons gives a good overview of what everyone is working on. Articles in the Frons vary from reviews of literature and theatre performances to the discussion of topics that are of importance to the scholarly world and reports of activities and (study)trips Sophia Aeterna has organised. The Frons is published five times a year with a special themed edition in June. For members of Sophia Aeterna, the Frons costs €6,- for the paper edition and €3,- for the digital edition. Please take note of the fact that the Frons is mainly in Dutch.


In the past 38 years, over 2500 articles, reviews, reports, poems et cetera have been published in the Frons. All volumes of the Frons can be found in Leiden University Library: volume 1 to 36 are in the closed stack and can be borrowed, while the newest volumes can be found in study area six.

Curious to see which articles have been published in the Frons? Take a look in the index, where all contributions of the past 38 years are sorted by author.

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Achter elk artikel is te vinden in welke Frons en op welke pagina’s het artikel te vinden is. In de jaren 2007 en 2015 is naast de reguliere edities ook een speciale Eerstejaarsfrons verschenen. Deze zijn in de index aangegeven met .E.