Theatre book

Van Kikkers tot Kindermoord (From Frogs to Filicide)

The story goes that everything started with a sigh from Peter Stork: "Why can't we do in Leiden like they do in Groningen?" It set the ball rolling and it would culminate in the first theatre production of the Classics department in Leiden: the Frogs. After 35 years and 12 plays by Aristophanes, Euripides, (Pseudo-)Seneca and Sophocles, the theatre tradition has cemented itself in the Classics department. Almost 350 students, employees and other people eager to help have contributed to the productions in some way, both on stage and behind the scenes. Forty veterans offer insights into the development of the productions, what ideas, inspirations and difficulties the makers encountered, and what role theatre played and continues to play in their lives. With pictures, extracts from the scripts, and above all a lot of memories, Van Kikkers tot Kindermoord (From Frogs to Filicide) takes you back to the theatrical productions from back in the day. The book costs 5 euros and was published in April 2020. Unfortunately, no English translation exists as of yet. If you are nevertheless interested in a Dutch copy, please send an email to