It all started with a study trip and a coincidence of circumstances.

In 2013 Leanne Jansen looked back in Wau(the magazine of Laverna) on the origins of Sophia Aeterna:

‘It all started with a study trip and a coincidence of circumstances. The year before, Rosanne Boermans and I had conceived a plan to organise a trip for Classics students, but we realised that this was very difficult outside of a student association. It happened that Tes Mijnders, Guus van Loon and Bas Clercx had already thought up some ideas on starting a student association, but they had never actually done it. I’m proud to say that to join forces has been one of the best decisions ever taken within the Classics department!

This new student association was founded on 21 March 2012. A name had already been chosen with the help of a poll on Facebook and it didn’t take long before the familiar logo made its entrance. At first, the new student association focused mainly on events that already existed, like the annual barbecue, the Christmas get together, the Open Stage Night and the theatre performances. New activities followed soon with the trip to Trier in the summer of 2012 – which had been the reason to found Sophia Aeterna in the first place – as the first highlight.

The first sketches of the logo by Rosanne Boermans

By now, Sophia Aeterna consists of almost fifteen committees and has an activity planned almost every week.


Het bestuur van Sophia vormt nog steeds de ruggegraat van de vereniging. Het huidige bestuur stelt zich here voor.

Bestuur I: 2012-2013

Praeses: Bas Clercx
Ab-actis: Leanne Jansen
Quaestor: Guus van Loon
Assessor intern: Tes Mijnders
Assessor extern: Rosanne Boermans


Bestuur II: 2013-2014

Praeses: Leonie Henkes
Ab-actis: Fleur Wetsema
Quaestor: Erik-Jan Dros
Assessor: Eveline van Rijn


Bestuur III: 2014-2015

Praeses: Anouk Wallien
Ab-actis: Erik-Jan Dros
Quaestor: Bob van Velthoven
Assessor: Jeroen van Asten


Bestuur IV: 2015-2016

Praeses: Bob van Velthoven
Ab-actis: Marloes Velthuisen
Quaestor: Floor Sombroek
Assessor: Maike van Haeringen


Bestuur V: 2016-2017

Praeses: Tunske de Vries
Ab-actis: Leonie Verberne
Quaestor: Olivia Monster
Assessor: Inge Booister


Bestuur VI: 2017-2018

Praeses: Jikke Koning
Ab-actis: Esther Faasen
Quaestor: Susanne Belonje
Assessor: Benjamin Plomp

Bestuur VII: 2018-2019

Praeses: Esther Faasen
Ab-actis: Eileen van den Akerboom
Quaestor: Wilanne van Goch
Assessor: Louise van der Vlugt


Bestuur VIII: 2019-2020

Praeses: Manon Junggeburt
Ab-actis: Evelien Nijveld
Quaestor: Wiebe Snoeij
Assessor: Corine van den Bergh

Bestuur IX: 2020-2021

Praeses: Iris de Smalen
Ab-actis: Leoniek Koster
Quaestor: Jildou de Regt
Assessor: Lucas Faessen

Bestuur X: 2021-2022

Praeses: Thirza Vis
Ab-actis: Lisanne Ledegang
Quaestor: Heleen Deen
Assessor: Mick Lammers