Auction Regulations

These regulations are last updated on February 21, 2017. These Auction Regulations are a translation of the Dutch version. Only the Dutch version is legally valid. If there are any discrepancies between the Dutch and English version, the Dutch version will be followed.

I. Both members and non-members of Sophia Aeterna are welcome at book auctions of the association.

II. Sophia Aeterna offers visitors to the auction an affordable way to buy books from the association. Because this should first of all benefit its members, the board can decide that non-members of Sophia Aeterna have to pay a surcharge on the total of their purchases determined by the board. Any surcharge will be made known when the auction catalogue is published.

III. Attendees bid for themselves and/or for someone else, if not present. A surcharge for non-members as described above may not be avoided by purchasing books as a member for a non-member who is present.

IV. Prior to the auction, the board draws up a catalogue containing the auction regulations, as well as all books that will be auctioned during the auction.
Books that are not in the catalogue cannot be auctioned

V. When determining the starting prices of the books to be auctioned, the following
categories are used:
Category 1: books from 0 - 30 euro = €1
Category 2: books from 30 - 60 euro = €3
Category 3: books from 60 - 90 euro = €5
Category 4: books from 90 - 120 euro = €7
Category 5: all books with a price above 120 euro = a maximum of €10
Books can be placed in a category with a lower starting price at the discretion of the board
worden aangeboden.
The prices are based on the lowest online trading price.

VI. In the catalogue, the board provides visitors with correct and sufficient information about the books to be auctioned and thus fulfils its obligation to provide information. A duty of investigation remains on the buyers.

VII. The books in the catalogue, drawn up prior to the auction, cannot be sold prior to the auction. Those who are unable to attend can ask someone who will be present to bid on their behalf.

VIII. A board member of Sophia Aeterna acts as auctioneer. Another board member acts as secretary. Board members are free to bid themselves.

IX. A bidder always bids at least one euro above the last bid amount.

X. After the auction, the purchased books must be taken away by the bidder.

XI. Payment to Sophia Aeterna is made afterwards within a reasonable period of time after receiving an invoice from Sophia Aeterna, unless the board determines otherwise. In that case, the board must make this known prior to the auction. Payment must always be made by the bidder.

XII. In addition to these regulations, Dutch law, the Statutes of Sophia Aeterna, the Internal Regulations of Sophia Aeterna and the generally accepted views in society apply to the book auction.