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Welcome to the website of Sophia Aeterna, the Classics student association in Leiden. For over twelve years we’ve been organising activities that allow our members to add more depth to their university experience and that give them an opportunity to meet fellow students. Of course, we don’t do all this by ourselves. We are assisted by members of our committees.

We hope that this website gives you an accurate representation of what we do! On this website you’ll find more information on our committees, upcoming activities and the history of our student association. Here you will also find our code of conduct, contact information and information on how to become a member. If you have any questions you can always contact our board!

Already a member, or have you not made an account on the website yet? Please click on this this link. Amongst other things, you’ll be able to view photos of our activities on the photo page with the login details that we will provide you.



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Thyestesfilm kijken

8 mei

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Facultair feest

16 mei
Interklassiek symposium

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Onthulling Hecubafilm

28 mei
Voetbaltraining I

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